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Virtual Volume Creator (Virtual Volume Creator) is a completely free Virtual Container utility that allows you to create your own zip archive using files and folders located on a hard drive or removable drive. Virtual Volume Creator is a completely free and easy to use virtual container application that allows you to create zip archives from files or folders on your hard drive or a removable drive. Virtual Volume Creator features free support email notification, high speed and fast startup.Virtual Volume Creator supports different file containers, like zip, exe, bat, bat, bat, and can be compressed into a DVD movie with text documents, spreadsheets, rar, zip, bz2, gzip, 7z, tar, iso, wim, wmv, mp3, aac, flac, and OGG files. Virtual Volume Creator also converts text and HTML, PDF documents and supports and advanced DRM (digital rights management) digital certificates.Virtual Volume Creator can create different types of data containers, including smart containers, virtual file container, system image container, plus more files to complete your data backup, virtual data backup and secure your private data so that they are safe from data loss and theft.Virtual Volume Creator is a complete virtual file container software package that also includes text editor, email notifier, label image maker, archive extractor, and free virtual container technology.Compression rates with different files and folders – Hello, my name is Bill Ma and I’m a software developer from Arlington, Texas. If you are interested, you are in the right place. My company has developed a completely free software application that helps people to back up their files and folders in case of a hard drive failure or unexpected data loss. Such occurrences happen to millions of computers around the world every year. Fortunately, their users can recover their data easily. Our software package is a complete Virtual Container backup software that can create and compress files, folders and any other type of data. It offers several file formats and allows you to convert text, HTML and PDF documents into virtual containers.You can create virtual folders with files or convert any files or folders into virtual containers and send them as portable data backups. Because the program is completely free you can also create virtual containers and share them with other people or burn them onto a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc.Unlike other free virtual container software, Virtual Volume Creator has advanced features that make it 08929e5ed8


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